Being a sole trader

Due to the responsibilities within my home life I would not be able to travel in and out of London, there are limited job opportunities in fashion in my local area apart from retail and this is not an area I want to go into. Thankfully I am in a secure financial position at home and therefore I only need to earn “pocket money” and fulfil personal creative  achievements to help with mental health. To be as flexible as possible for my family I have decided to become a sole trader however this may change due to the uncertainty of Brexit and the changes this may create. I will not know for definite until an agreement has finally been settled and these changes take place.

I also need to understand that sometimes our expectations are not always reachable, for example I am still in contact with a 2018 graduate who had very high hopes of building her own brand when she left last year, however as this did not take off straight after finishing uni her financial commitments meant that she needed to get a paid job. She was able to find a local position within the fashion industry as a product developer, as much as this was not her original plan nor using the high skill set she proved during her degree it fits with her home life commitments and therefore a positive job role. I believe she still continues to create her own designs in her own time.

Being a sole trader has many elements which need considering.

Accounts – monthly – Chris Barker – Accountant

Register as self-employed with HMRC, tax returns

Marketing – website, postcards, professional email

Thankfully I have knowledge of being a sole trader as I supported my husband with his business whilst he was a sole trader.

I currently have contacts with an accountant whom has said he will assist me when I go on my own completing tax returns and keeping my accounts in check as these have to be kept up to date once a month.

We also have a company run our website Itseeze. We have worked with them for many years and I’m confident with their abilities.

email header 1

I have constructed this header to go on all of my professional emails as it is evidence of my work, it also correlates with the other promotional material I have on order.

Postcard flyer:

postcard 1b

Using Doxdirect has been valuable this year as it is a trusted resource.


Business card size – the scale of my design is too small for this size as the images can not be seen. I will not be using this.

Screenshot (224)Screenshot (225)

A5 sizing is too big and I feel this is deter people from taking my information. Doxdirect do not do a size in between and therefore will not be used. Vistaprint is another trusted source which I have used in the past. They provided an A6 option which is the desired size as it is clear and still able to slip into someone pocket. The pricing for these are reasonable too and will therefore be used.

Screenshot (227)Screenshot (226)







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