Potential selling options

doverstreetmarketDover street market is a conceptual store which supports high fashion designers such as Molly Goddard, Comme Des Garcons and Elena Dawson. My work corresponds to theirs due to the techniques and processes they use and the luxury finish. My collection is also conceptual and fits with the theme of the store.


Screenshot (228)

Etsy as above has lots to offer its sellers, it has over a million in its audience and is a global platform. There are some downsides, though: with this popularity comes stiff competition, quality control is essentially non-existent, and keeping on top of updates can be time-consuming. I am not comfortable in selling my work online in this instance as I prefer to work in a face to face manor.

I believe the way to develop my selling ability is through commissions, I could encourage this by displaying my work for all to see. By collaborating with the charity EACH for my final collection I have secured a window space in one of their stores, hopefully I will receive press coverage for this and it will develop from their.

Screenshot (203)

I am continuously developing my social media platforms including Instagram, blog, ArtsThread and The Dots showcasing my developing portfolio as well as competition entries, hopefully this will amount to interest for collaborations and sales along with creating my website which will have an online store section.



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