Graduate Degree Show planning

Planning for the degree show took great consideration, after receiving meeting minutes from the committee I was able to begin my own research into how to make it successful.

End of Year Show Exhibition Minutes 24.04.19 (1)

end of year layout

exhibition moodboard

After presenting my mood board to the committee it was decided that the polaroid layout for photographs was successful and should be used for each of the professional photographs for each student as they held a artistic aesthetic. Below is a sample of the potential wall display provided by the End of Year show committee.

wall space

As the public are entering the exhibition it is imperative that a health and safety risk is conducted, below is the health and safety form I have carried out for potential risks due to my display.

Thjrisk assesment blog

The process of setting up my display.



I ensured my wall space was set up as the plan, my portfolio was opened to a successful page which would encourage people to take a closer look. After exploring my mannequins dotted around the floor space I decided it looked more like a collection if all displayed together to keep in with the other collections. Whilst evaluating my garments on mannequins I felt one of my undergarments was more successful without the coat on top, I therefore identified a spare mannequin and made use of this. The headpieces needed to be included in the display as they finish the looks, these were attached to halo fixtures made from copper piping. The copper colour was not innkeeping with my aesthetic and therefore I sprayed them white to encourage a considered final look. Whilst experimenting with the set up of headpieces I decided to fasten some of the ties into a bow as they were on a model, on others I left the ties undone as they were not successful tied on the halo. Headpieces were moved onto different garments to ensure each look was aesthetically pleasing, for example the coat looked too plain and therefore the most elaborate headpiece was added. The position of the mannequins was greatly considered as I wanted to create interest from every angle knowing that viewers would enter the exhibition from a variety on directions. For this is evaluated the successful profiles of the garments and arranged them accordingly. One of my garments is not as successful as others on a mannequin and is more aesthetically pleasing when supported from the ceiling and therefore this practice was carried out. Collectively I felt the set up of my display was successful, however the windows behind let in a view which was not aesthetically pleasing and so I supported Val in her decision to apply muslin to the windows to mute this out.


exhibition costs

Spraying of rails as above – paid by uni                                                                                 Polaroid images at – £6 x 17 = £102 – paid by uni                                                                             Floor paint at – £63.50 – labour £unknown -paid by uni                                                                 Coat hangers – £ unknown – paid by uni                                                                                            Mannequins – £ unknown – paid by uni                                                                                             Muslin – £ unknown – paid by uni                                                                                                       Mini labels – Card £2.99 safety pins £6.99                                                                                          500 final brochures at – £949

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